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AFTER you enter your lineup (but BEFORE you send it), click in FILE | Print and print yourself a copy. This way, you'll have a copy of the lineup you submitted! If that doesn't work, try CTRL-P instead.

Lineup Sheets were last updated: 12/27/2017 05:10 PM

If you have made a transaction that is not reflected on this list, show
the dropped player as starting, then add a note in the comment
box reminding me to manually substitute your new player.

Click on the team name to access that team's roster.

Swampass 6

Howling Skanks

Fat Boys


Brad's Crabs

Marching Band

Squatting Pusskits

House of Wood

Noelle's Rascals

Don't Have A Clue

Drunk and Broke

da Beers

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