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This page is for the owners. Here you guys can fill out lineups,
pick up new players, and see how much you owe. You can
also let your hair down, crack a cold one, and generally
grouse about your sorry lot in life!

Check out the EKFFL Chat Room. Now there's a place where you can "trash talk" live on Sunday afternoons (or any other time)!


Check out the EKFFL Chalk Board. This is a message forum that owners can use to seek out trades, ask questions ('coz you know you'll get a straight answer), trash talk, or bitch about their team. Click here for the Chalk Board!

(The difference between the Chat Room and the Chalk Board is that you can be the only one on for the Chalk Board. In the Chat Room, if you are the only one on, it will seem lonely as you talk to yourself!) 

Don't let THIS
happen to
your team!

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Check those

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